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Helping you go from an idea all the way to product launch.

Protecting, developing, and driving your idea into the marketplace.

Speed to market is often essential when it comes to the success of a startup. However, many founding teams do not have the resources to quickly get their idea launched. With Startup Studio, we focus on taking your idea quickly to market, supporting you on all the tedious tasks needed to protect, build, and drive your idea successfully into the marketplace.

Determine Feasibility & Needs

Here we determine all tasks necessary to get your startup up and running. This includes:

  • Researching feasibility of idea
  • Determining if a market exists for proposed offering
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the current makeup of the team
  • Formulating a top-level product roadmap and initial marketing plan
  • Identifying needs of the startup
  • Advising the legal business structure the startup should take
Businesswoman brainstorming ideas on interior glass window

Thorough Planning

Finalize a more detailed product roadmap, sales, and marketing plan, develop a proposed organizational structure, determine immediate and future hiring needs, and budget breakdowns.

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Forming the Business

In this step, we move forward with officially creating the business legal entity, protecting the rights of the founders, completing all the necessary obligations required of the company to operate responsibly and legally under the laws of the land, pursue any applicable intellectual property protections, and create company investor materials and an investor data room.

Businesswoman brainstorming startup ideas on interior glass window

MVP & Early Adopter Planning

Identify the requirements of the MVP, determine the product specifications, and then quickly build a high-quality, workable, customer-facing MVP. Concurrently, create initial sales materials, as well as identify, propose to, and sign-up early adopters.

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Beta Launch

Launch the MVP, onboard early adopters to the MVP offering, quickly review customer feedback and iterate on the development process.

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Next Steps

At this stage, we develop our strategy for the next steps, prioritizing the needs of the startup. Typically, this involves a combination of the following:

  • Updating all investor materials, followed by pitching to investor groups that we have identified as being a good fit for your startup.
  • Analyzing client feedback and usage, followed by determining new product needs, specifications and/or features for a much wider launch of the product offering.
  • Update marketing and sales collateral for official product launch.
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